St Frederick Baptist Church
Marble Falls, Texas

Things You Should Know About Our Church

Our Church was founded in 1893
-Resided at the current location for 35 years
-The only African America led church in the city
-Have fed the hungry in the vicinity for 30 years through
Mission Outreach
-Feed 800-1,000 meals on Thanksgiving
-We believe in fellowshipping with churches of all
Denominations and races
-Despite the changes in many contemporary church’s
Programs, we feel evening worship services are important
-We believe in mission, domestic and foreign.
We encourage higher education both Spiritual and Secular.
We are very active in our community and are always willing
To support righteous causes.
Currently maintains two websites, Historic & Prophetic.

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St. Frederick - A Church of Jesus Christ - All Are Welcome - Youth:

Reverend George & Linda Perry

Fighting For Our Youth
Sponsors - Helping Our Youth
St. Frederick Is Supporting Youth

Our goal is helping as many Mistreated, Homeless, Troubled, Abused, Bullying, and Neglected youths from our Community to gain a wholesome social, academic, and career fields and may be working for you someday or they may be your good customer, either way, you will be helping the Community and Yourself as our sponsored business or individual.

For all will profit, in more way than you can image.

St. Frederick is a nonprofit organization responding to the needs of the youth in our community, with respect and unconditional love for all.

For many good youth, had done something wrong.

Click Here to take a look at "RECOGNITION FOR OUR SPONSORS"

Find out more about this ministry.
Contact Me (Reverend George Perry) at,
Email Me at,
Phone Me: 830-693-4499 at the Church
Help Us In Serving The Lord, By Serving Others:

Your "Youth Offering" gift, joined with others, will make a significant difference and impact in the lives in individuals and communities.

From Our Family To Yours

Put on the
Armour of
       Ephesians 6:11-17      
Rev George Perry - Pastor
Evangelist Sue Kennedy
Evangelist Velma Barton
Deacon Henry Jackson
Deacon Horace Barton
Deacon Robert Isaac
Deacon Nick Wall
Missionary Bessie Jackson / Administrator
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